Our sponsors

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to a number of companies and non-governmental organisations that are sponsoring us in one way or another. In particular we would like to mention the following:

Cognition Logo

The US based Cognition Corporation have provided us with their ‘Cockpit’ platform (including software tools and related technical support services) to enable some of our key Systems Engineering activities free of charge; for example the development and management of our system and project requirements, which is based on the full traceability from user needs, via system requirements and the resulting design outputs, to the necessary implementation and integration steps to put in place the Mahola health care system. Also, our Risk & Opportunity Management and Change Management is supported by their platform.

Airbus, the global aircraft manufacturer, has supported our work in many ways, including by supporting our awareness and fundraising efforts, for example adding to donations that Airbus employees have raised for our project. Also, a number of Airbus employees are directly participating in the Mahola project in their free time.

Paragon is a UK based company that specialises in planning, creating and delivering both printed and digital communication to a wide range of businesses and private customers. They are providing us with printed awareness and fundraising materials of the highest quality free of charge.

UWE Logo

The Bristol based University of the West of England (UWE), in particular the Faculty of Environment and Technology has supported our work in many ways, including by helping us with our awareness and fundraising efforts. Also, a number of UWE staff and students have been directly involved in the Mahola project.


The Rome based SOFIA (Salvatorian Office for International Aid) coordinates, supports and facilitates the work of multiple international development projects in many countries of the world. Many of these projects are focused on education to enable both significant and sustainable improvements to the quality of life of large numbers of children and adults in deprived areas of the globe. The SOFIA team have helped us by sharing their experience with us and giving us their advice throughout the Mahola project.

eXplore is a Bristol-based start-up company providing innovative solutions to entertain, educate, research and inspire – using Books and Games as the primary vehicle. eXplore is committed to advance, by their products, the awareness and knowledge of sustainability with a strong focus on human rights and the environmental protection of our planet and all that lives on it. eXplore is building and maintaining a positive working relationship with their freelance partners that allows them to do for work what they can do best and enjoy most, to maintain a good work-life-balance, and have fun – whilst enabling them to develop their own potential.