COVID-19 and our trip to Cameroon in April 2020

Some of us had planned to travel to Cameroon this month to help with the preparation of the next phase of the construction, i.e. the foundations of the buildings of the health centre. Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 situation, the trip had to be cancelled. We are now trying to focus more on online meetings to keep in contact both as a team in the UK and with local friends in Cameroon…

New Mahola Logo

You may have noticed that we have a new logo. This new logo represents our joint, international work for the improvement of the quality of life in Africa. Although the Mahola project started off as a Christian missionary project, we have since received much support from a great variety of people from different countries, cultures, languages, ethnic origins and different faiths. Among us we have many Christians, but also Muslims, Jews and people without any religion. We are an inclusive and diverse project and we welcome anyone without conditions to join us and support us. We are very proud of our diversity, working together for the common good of humanity, as part of the global family to which we all belong.

Brick production for health centre started

The local and environmentally-friendly production of the first bricks for the health centre has started in Siliyegue, Cameroon. Clay bricks are formed one by one using a locally manufactured manual machine. They are then stored in an open shed until they are burnt in an oven that will be used for multiple purposes: to burn bricks, to make bread and to cook – depending on the needs of the local population.

Bristol 10k – running or drumming for the project?

If you would like to join us for the Bristol 10k on Sunday 13 May 2018, there are three ways of how you can support the Mahola project and have great fun:

Option 1: You can run 10 km and ask your family, friends and colleagues to sponsor you (please use this sponsoring form and register at;

Option 2: You can join us drumming near the end of the race in the centre of Bristol (no prior drumming experience required and drums will be provided);

Option 3: You can just join us there and have a great time (we are the people drumming and wearing Mahola t-shirts – weather permitting).

We are looking forward very much to seeing you there!!!


Upcoming Mahola events (please save the dates)

We have some great awareness and fundraising events coming up in Clevedon, Bristol and Wrington:

  • Mahola Project Day in Clevedon on Saturday 24 February 2018 (see poster for details);
  • Bristol 10k on Sunday 13 May 2018 – additional runners or drummers are very welcome to join us, details will follow soon;
  • Hélélé concert in Wrington on Saturday 9 June 2018 – excellent music, great people, and dancing (not mandatory but difficult to resist), details will follow soon.

Design phase completed

During a recent trip of our local coordinator to Siliyegue, the Mahola project documents have been signed off by the UK based project team and the locally elected Steering Committee. These documents include the Mahola ‘Building Instructions’ and the ‘Governance Plan’ including five policies, i.e. the ‘Environmental Protection’, ‘Child Protection & Safeguarding’, ‘Health & Safety’, ‘Security’ and ‘Ethics & Compliance’ policies. You can find these documents here.

Three small projects continue to run in parallel in order to develop the Mahola system’s ICT solution, the solar energy sub-system and a training application. Our focus will now be on ramping up our awareness and fundraising campaign; and preparing the local implementation of the Mahola system.