At certain project milestones, a number of technical project documents will be baselined and published in order to share and use the content in those documents for the implementation, integration and later operation of the Mahola system by the local population. All such project documents will also be available to be re-used by other charity projects, as appropriate (if you are representing such a charity project, please contact us using the contact form).

This is a current presentation on the status of the Mahola project (English and French versions):

Mahola Project Presentation 170617

Présentation du Projet Mahola (French) 170617

And this is our current flyer of the Mahola project:

A5 Flyer Mahola Project 040516

We also put mature draft documents and baselined documents here for anyone interested to have a look at and give us their feedback, such as suggestions and other comments. This way we will be able to improve our project documents based on the wide range of experiences and skills that people have, who give us their feedback. So if you are interested and have the time, please do have a look at one or several of our documents and let us know what you think, via our contact form.

Thank you ever so much in advance !!!

Currently we have no draft documents for review…

… but our project documents will be made available here in French as well, at a later point in time.

And these are baselined documents for your information, as signed off at the end of the design phase:

Mahola Governance Plan (MGP) Issue A 181216

MGP Appendix 1 Mahola Environmental Protection Policy Issue A 181216

MGP Appendix 2 Mahola Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy Issue A 181216

MGP Appendix 3 Mahola Health & Safety Policy Issue A 181216

MGP Appendix 4 Mahola Security Policy Issue A 181216

MGP Appendix 5 Mahola Ethics & Compliance Policy Issue A 181216

Mahola Building Instruction (MBI) Issue A 100317

MBI Appendix 1 Mahola Equipment, Materials, Components & Supplies Issue A 100317

MBI Appendix 2 Mahola Progress Status Issue A 100317

MBI Appendix 3 Mahola Verification & Validation Matrix Issue A 100317